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Staffing & Placement Professionals

One of the most costly and time-consuming mistakes an organization can make is hiring the wrong person for a job.


This fact Is substantiated by the U.S. Department of Labor which estimates that the cost of a bad hiring decision often equals 30% of the individual’s first-year potential earnings. That means a single wrong hire with an annual income of $75,000 is a potential $22,500 loss for the employer.


The wrong-hire hard dollar loss is compounded by a reduction in productivity and by lowering team morale.


Hiring Mistakes are Costly


Can Do the Job: verification of employment history


Will do the Job: position-relevant reference feedback on past performance


Verify Everything!

aRefChex can help ensure that you make a highly successful placement by verifying the candidate’s resume information.


Why is verification important? According to a recent study,  that 80% of all candidates misrepresented some information on their resume.

As a placement or staffing professional,a wrong hire requires you to start the entire placement process overagain and greatly reduces your profitability.


aRefChex is the Solution

aRefChex’s automated employment verification and reference checking system helps you become certain that the candidate:

Benefits of aRefChex


Focuses client/recruiter communications on position-critical information: credentials and job relevant competencies.


Saves time by validating work history and checking references completed in 48 hours (versus 5 days with manual methods).


Provides better references with job relevant and specific performance feedback.


Affords more references with 50% more respondents.


Reduces faked references with built-in processes to help identify fake references.


Supplies consistent reference information facilitating a fair comparison between two or more candidates.


Improves quality/reduces quantity of ‘send-outs’ by helping you refer only those candidates with excellent performance feedback.


Decreases ‘fall-offs’ ensuring fewer replacements of wrong-fit candidates.


Creates new business opportunities: because reference-provider managers are impressed by the speed/accuracy of the aRefChex survey, and may want to learn more about your services.


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