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Corporate Recruiting Professionals

Verify Everything!

Verifying candidate information is a critical step in making an informed hiring decision.


Now, with aRefChex you can automatically verify a candidate’swork history and employment information.


aRefChex also automatically collectsreference feedback from a candidate’s managers, peers, subordinates, and work associates while meeting all FCRA legal requirements.

Fast, Accurate & Legally Compliant.


Salary History


Employment History


Re-Hire Eligibility



Why is verifying everything important? Industry research has proven that 80% of candidates’ resumes contain misleading information.


aRefChex can verify a candidate’s resume details and gathers important job-relevant performance feedback including:







Work Behaviors


Strengths & Weaknesses

aRefChex enables employers to create their own custom survey questions, and quickly collects feedback from a candidate’s past:



Peer References


Manager References



Professional References


Personal References


All verification and reference feedback is aggregated and delivered to you as an in-depth, easy-to-read report.


Accurate: Improve your Hiring Decisions with better information.

The aRefChex system is 100% job relevant. The process takes only a few minutes for all participating respondents. The end-results:



Save time: 80% more efficient in verifying and checking references


Collect more responses: 50% more verifications andreferences collected


Acquire more information: 70% more respondents complete the entire process


Boost assurance: 100% certain that you are complying with federal government guidelines

Prevent Lawsuits: Be FCRA Legally Compliant.

aRefChex is the only automated employment verification and reference checking system designed to meet the requirements mandated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).  


aRefChex Inc. has filed for patent protection in relation to its FCRA compliant process (Patent Pending).


Please consider that the FCRA applies to all employers who are obtaining employment verification information and reference checks through a third-party vendor (including vendors of automated software systems).


What happens if your company is not FCRA compliant? Lawsuits.


The FCRA actively pursues companies that are not legally compliant. Below are some recent settlements:

  • $3 million FCRA settlement: K-Mart Corp


  • $2.5 million FCRA settlement: Domino’s Pizza, LLC


  • $2.75 million FCRA settlement: U.S. Xpress, Inc.


  • $452,000 FCRA settlement: Midwest Logistics Sys. Ltd

Why take chances?

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