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aRefChex Inc. was founded to provide employers a cost effective employment verification and reference checking solution that is fast, accurate, and legally compliant.


aRefChex is developed by human resource industry experts with vast experience providing innovative software solutions to organizations around the world.


Most important to the development of our company and products is our close working partnership with the background screening industry (the world authority on reference checking).


Patent-pending Technology


aRefChex Inc’s patent-pending technology uniquely addresses thenecessity for organizations to conduct employment verification and reference checks that conform with the strict requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.


Included in our claims are that the aRefChex verification and reference checking system enables users instant access to 60,000+ validated-job reference survey templates; a reporting formatted to objectively present the results of references’ surveys; and a dispute-investigation method and system to verify the information provided in the reference feedback report.

Know the Reasons Behind our Success

Management of aRefChex


Kevin Anhalt: 20+ years in the human resource industry with extensive experience in screening applicants, pre-employment assessments, and interviewing training.


Shawn Matthews: 25+ years of software engineering experience with 10+ years delivering HR related solutions.


Advisors to aRefChex


Orlando Olivares, PhD: professor teaching Industrial Organizational Psychology with 20+ years experience implementing HR tools – including performance reviews.

Background Screening Professionals: owners of background screening firms who have successfully processed 100,000+ traditional reference checks and who provide enhanced products to their clients.

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