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Consumer Reporting Professionals

aRefChex is better, faster, and less expensive than manually-processed employment verifications and/or manually processed reference checks.


aRefChex delivers the benefits that end-clients need:

Fast, Accurate & Legally Compliant.


Job Relevant















End-Client Benefits

When providing aRefChex reports to clients they’ll gain the following benefits:



Save time: 80% more efficient in verifying and checking references


Collect more responses: 50% more verifications andreferences collected


Acquire more information: 70% more respondents complete the entire process


Boost assurance: 100% certain that you are complying with federal government guidelines

CRA Dashboard & CRA-Tools

The aRefChex CRA-Dashboard and CRA-Tools are designed to ensure timely, comprehensive, and accurate employment verifications and/or reference checking reports.


Specifically, the CRA-Dashboard helps by consolidating vast amounts of data, in real-time, enabling you to instantly identify potential process problem areas, before they occur.


The CRA-Tools enable you to easily implement manual interventions that ensure those problem areas identified in the CRA-Dashboard are quickly addressed.


The CRA-Dashboard and CRA-Tools include the following features:

CRA Dashboard:


Active Candidates Grid


Monitor progress of individual Candidates


Alerts of critical milestone processes/dates


Monitor Adverse Action processes

CRA Tools:


One-click email reminder to candidate and/or references


Intel tools to help you verify that references are ‘real’


Attachment-Review tool (W-2, etc.)


Follow-up tool with reference contact details


Notation tool to add information to reports for client-view


Notation tool for CRA-view only


Adverse Action process tools (FCRA required documents, notifications, etc.)

CRA Benefits

Add it all up. aRefChex is better, faster, and less expensive than manually processed employment verifications and manually processed reference checks.

aRefChex is the only FCRA compliant automated employment verification and reference checking solution.


It’s a fact that 3rd party employment verification information and reference checking information falls under the regulatory auspices of the Federal Trade Commission: Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

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