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aRefChex is a web-based employment verification and reference checking technology.


It automatically verifies work history, experience and past performance by collecting reference feedback from a candidate’s: manager, professional and personal references while meeting FCRA legal requirements.


The benefits gained by our automated process are many and include the following:

Fast, Accurate & Legally Compliant.

aRefChex narrows the Candidate Pool

aRefChex is used with finalist candidates to determine which individuals are most likely to become your organization’s next top performers.


This saves you time by focusing your recruiting efforts on candidates with verified work credentials and behavioral success records in previous jobs.

aRefChex reduces fraudulent references

aRefChex provides the tools needed to help identify potentially fake references. 


This helps ensure that you are more likely to see accurate verifications and qualified references.

aRefChex helps eliminate bad hires

aRefChex quickly and effectively gathers more and better information about your candidates than traditional screening-validation processes.


This highly accurate and job-relevant information enables you to hire more top performers.

aRefChex improves onboarding

The aRefChex report is similar to a performance review by highlighting the new hire’s strengths and weaknesses.


This information helps you prepare a tailored training and development program for the new hire. Also, it facilitates a better understanding of the resources necessary to help the new hire become highly productive.

aRefChex saves time

aRefChex is a web-based product providing better and faster feedback from verification and reference providers.


Fewer phone calls to verification and reference providers!

Less time lost tracking down verification and reference providers!

Phone calls are no longer the preferred method of tracking down information. In fact, in a manual reference check, it takes 3+ phone calls to make contact (and leave messages).


aRefChex will save you hours of time.

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