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Automated, Web-based Employment Verification & Reference Checking System

Fast. Accurate. Legally Compliant. Anytime. Anywhere.

aRefChex is a web-based employment verification and reference checking technology.


It automatically verifies work history, experience and past performance by collecting reference feedback from a candidate’s:  manager, professional and personal references while meeting FCRA legal requirements.


  • 2 minutes for a hiring manager to initiate.


  • 10 minutes for a candidate to complete.


  • 4 minutes for a manager reference and each professional reference to respond.


  • End-result: verified employment information and reference checks in 48 hours.


Pre-loaded with 60,000+ scientifically researched survey templates to ensure highly job relevant reference feedback. Or select from a library tied to your own research.

Legally Compliant.

The only automated employment verification and reference checking system designed to meet the requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Anytime. Anywhere.

Recruiters, candidates, human resource references, professional references, and background screening staff have instant access at anytime and from anywhere by using their tablets, ipads, and smart-phones to access the aRefChex system.

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